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HMV Case Study

HMV: stores offer music, DVDs, computer games and more

HMV is the UK and Ireland's leading specialist retailer of Music, DVD, Video, Computer Games and Related Products. The company, which operates over 200 stores in key shopping locations, with over 1 million sq. ft. of trading space, open between three and five new stores in smaller towns each year. With stores in most major shopping locations, HMV's main focus is on upgrading and refitting their existing stores.

McVeigh understand our market ... understand the retail trade environment. They are commercially aware. Their ethos is to repair a system and not replace it. They nurse the kit and keep it going. That is rare.

Requirement: Maintain 43 stores, plus new build design and install services

HMV require McVeigh to regularly maintain the air conditioning and heating systems in their stores in Yorkshire, East Anglia and the North West. HMV also require McVeigh to design and install air conditioning systems in new stores, and to adhere to strict interior design and architectural requirements and work within strict build schedules.

Challenge: Comfortable environment for shoppers

Because of the nature of the items sold in HMV, people tend to browse and stay in the store for longer. It is therefore important that the climate within the store is maintained at comfortable levels. If the store was too hot or too cold, people would not stay for long, which could impact sales. The air conditioning systems need to be designed, installed and maintained to provide ambient temperatures.

McVeigh don't cut corners. Their engineers do quality work and get it right first time. I've never had a problem with their installations.

Solution: Comprehensive design, install and maintain service

McVeigh provide an end-to-end service by designing and installing systems in new stores, as well as maintaining systems in existing stores across a wide geographical area. A dedicated McVeigh engineer visits each of the 43 stores six times a year to do maintenance services - ensuring the air conditioning and heating systems operate at optimum levels.

I like working with McVeigh because nothing is too much trouble. They always go that step further and pull out all the stops. I like the fact that I can talk to the MD directly if I have a problem. They are well-run and deliver a personal service.

Benefits: HMV stores are comfortable to shop and work in

The main benefit is that the air conditioning and heating systems are well-maintained and keep working at optimum levels. As a result the stores are comfortable for both shoppers and shop workers. In addition, HMV benefit from McVeigh's focus on repairing systems to keep costs down, which helps to reduce their total cost of ownership.

  • Reliable supply of air-conditioning and heating
  • Ambient temperatures maintained
  • Shoppers more likely to browse for longer
  • System longevity enhanced due to regular maintenance
  • Reduced total cost of ownership due to repair approach 

Visit HMV website: www.hmv.com

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