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Create the right work atmosphere

How productive are your people in the height of summer when it is very humid or on an excessively cold winter day?

Excessive heat, cold or humidity affects mood and our ability to work. Air conditioning provides a balanced and consistent environment which is conducive to productivity. It creates the right temperature and atmosphere in a building that helps to make people feel better.

People will feel more energised and are more active. As a result, they are more likely to be creative and productive.

There is a close correlation between personal performance and the temperature of our immediate surroundings. If an environment is too hot, too cold or too damp, it will result in lower levels of work efficiency.

Hot temperatures make people feel drowsy and lethargic, while cold temperatures may drive people to find sources of heat rather than focus on the task at hand.

Air conditioning can create a comfortable environment - the right temperature and humidity.

Modern air conditioners produce clean, healthy fresh air. They dehumidify the air and prevent mould - without any draught or noise. This creates an ambient environment which benefits workers and business productivity and efficiency.

The productivity and efficiency gains far outweigh the cost of the investment in air conditioning.

Climate Change Levy

Find out here what your business needs to know to meet requirements of the
Kyoto Protocol
, the
UK Government
introduced an
energy tax and
an energy-efficiency
incentives scheme.