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Look after the Life of Your Machines

Air conditioning not only provides comfort and clean, healthy air. It also has a positive effect on your machinery and equipment. The level of humidity particularly has an impact on how well machinery works.

It is said that low humidity levels can help to prolong the life of certain equipment. It is advised that a humidity level of between 40-60 % provides the ideal operating level for office equipment, beneficial to items such as PCs, computers and printers.

Good air conditioning systems will help you to control the humidity levels in areas of your building where you use PCs and other electrical office equipment.

Air conditioning and cooling is a necessity for companies that run server farms, large computer rooms and heat-generating machinery. In particular equipment that requires to be located in cool temperature environments to operate at optimum efficiency - where it would pose a risk to operations if the equipment overheated.

Climate Change Levy

Find out here what your business needs to know to meet requirements of the
Kyoto Protocol
, the
UK Government
introduced an
energy tax and
an energy-efficiency
incentives scheme.