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Mandatory Energy Inspections introduced: CIBSE TM44 requirements

Energy Inspections of air conditioning systems is now mandatory in the UK. All commercial organisations, retailers, businesses and industrial premises that use air-conditioning systems – with a cooling rated output greater than 12 kilowatts will need to have their air conditioning system inspected.

Whether you are building facilities manager or building owner, you will want to make sure your air conditioning energy inspections, assessments and reports are carried out by fully certified air conditioner and refrigeration engineers. And, that your air conditioning energy inspection reports carried out to CIBSE TM44 requirements.

Is your air conditioning unit subject to the new regulations?

Energy inspection is required by law for all air conditioning with:

  • A rated cooling output greater than 12 kilowatts
  • A building with at least one air conditioning unit 

For the purposes of regulation and inspection, an air conditioning unit that is controlled by a single person, is seen as a single air conditioning system.

When do you need to get your air conditioning system inspected by?

Dates of inspection depend on the output of your air conditioning unit system:

  • Output greater than 250 kilowatts: Book your first Air Conditioning Energy Inspection. First inspection was required by 4 January 2009.
  • Rated output greater than 12 kilowatts but less than 250 kilowatts: First inspection required by 4 January 2011
  • Subsequent inspections: Required every five years after first inspection.
  • New systems installed after 1 January 2008: First inspection required within five years of the installation date – and every five years thereafter. 

Why air conditioning energy assessments and reports were introduced?

Buildings contribute to almost 50 per cent of the carbon omissions in the UK and we need to take action to make buildings more energy efficient as part of the UK’s commitment to tackling climate change.

The air conditionings systems used in a building make a significant contribution both towards the energy costs and carbon omissions for a building amounting to up to a third of the annual electricity costs of a building.

The government are introducing air conditioning energy inspections to give building owners and operators essential information about the energy performance of their air conditioning systems, the resulting air conditioning inspection report provides businesses with recommendations that will improve the energy efficiency of their air conditioning systems.

Implementing the recommendations will help businesses save money, save energy, stay competitive and reduce carbon omissions from a building."

Ian Wright MP - Parliamentary under Secretary of State, Communities and Local Government

Why McVeigh Technical Solutions?

McVeigh Technical Solutions are fully qualified to carry out detailed air conditioning energy inspections assessments, and reports – compliant with energy performance of buildings directive and TM44.

  • Qualified air conditioning energy inspectors and assessors
  • Carried out to CIBSE TM44 requirements
  • Highly experienced and professional air conditioning and refridgeration engineers
  • Experts in retail, industrial and commercial air conditioning and refridgeration systems
  • Dedicated energy inspection expert assigned
  • UK-wide service and coverage

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