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About Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is the process of treating temperature and humidity, ensuring air cleanness, and distributing clean air.


Our air conditioners offer precise temperature control. You can always create the climate in which you feel best, with the right temperature. Not only does it create comfort, it makes you feel fresh and active even in the most extreme outside conditions.


Air conditioners can also offer heating. You can enjoy the perfect constant temperature all year through, no matter what are the outside conditions. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional heating because it takes energy from the outside air and brings it inside.


Our air conditioners produce clean, healthy air. All indoor units are equipped with filters that take dust, pollen, and smoke from the air. According to the needs of the customer the level of filtration can be increased - ensuring high levels of air cleanness and distribution of clean air. Allergy filtration is critical for people with allergies.


In cooling mode an air conditioner dehumidifies the air, creating a better feeling of wellbeing. Bear also in mind that a correct humidity level limits the growth of dust mites and moulds, which again has a positive effect on people with allergies.

On the whole, people feel that 40 to 60 % is a comfort level of humidity. Also, a correct humidity level ensures a longer lifetime of your appliances and house.


Ventilation can be integrated in the air conditioning system. It takes out the inside air and pushes in fresh, conditioned air from outside. In mid season, when the air conditioning is turned off, the ventilation system can work independently

Climate Change Levy

Find out here what your business needs to know to meet requirements of the
Kyoto Protocol
, the
UK Government
introduced an
energy tax and
an energy-efficiency
incentives scheme.